The Extraordinary Life of Rosa Parks


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Yoto says: Discover one of the most prominent female activists in history, Rosa Parks, and embark on an audio journey through time to understand her important role in the Civil Rights movement. A shining addition to The Extraordinary Life series.

Rosa Parks, the woman known for refusing to give up her seat on the bus, triggered a great shift in the fight for civil rights. Raised in Alabama, Rosa Parks knew all about the racism of her society from an early age. Discover how she became the brilliant activist we know today in this book with real-life stories, timelines and facts to bring her extraordinary story to life.

Extraordinary Lives is a bold, inclusive biography series shining a light on modern and historical figures. Entertaining, accessible and educational, they are the perfect introductions to these amazing people and their achievements.

Illustrated by Nan Lawson.

Running time: 51 mins


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