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A shrub could be the most underrated item on any adventure, as everyone is always paying too much attention to the wildlife. They might look at their feet to make sure that they don’t step on something that doesn’t smell right, they might sniff the ground searching for a lost playmate, but they almost never pay attention to a shrub. If all shrubs were as eye-catching as this small shrub, things would be completely different.

This Bumbu figurine is made of Romanian wood, with pure craftsmanship, in Romania. Each product is a unique piece, designed with love and care. It is polished, painted and oiled with water-based paints and organic oils.

The product is made of solid wood, minimally processed to preserve as much of its texture and natural properties. Unlike plastic, wood is a non-uniform natural material that often has growth rings or knots, color spots or rough areas. These are NOT DEFECTIVE and ARE NOT A REASON FOR REPLACING THE PRODUCT – they are distinctive signs that guarantee the natural origin of the product and give uniqueness to each toy, telling the story of the tree from which it was made.


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