Let’s Imagine


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Yoto says: These best friends and college professors blend comedy and smarts to create songs you’ll be humming all day.

Like the great songwriting duos of yesteryear, Louis & Dan bring comedy and smarts to music for today’s families. Best friends, neighbours, and college professors (Louis teaches musicology, Dan teaches philosophy), they go together like Tacos and Tuesdays. Louis & Dan blend unique musical talents and clever word play to create deeply authentic and entertaining music. Their whimsical perspectives carry a dash of nostalgia, resulting in music that speaks to curious kids and discerning grown-ups alike. With their one of a kind Invisible Band backing them up, Louis & Dan’s inimitable style of humour, seriousness, and musical sophistication delivers songs you’ll be humming all day.

1. Louis and Dan (and the Invisible Band)
2. Have You Got a Word
3. Underwear Spaghetti
4. Rodents
5. Yupster
6. Hotdog
7. Cheese Digest
8. Have a Banana
9. Jabiru
10. Anna McNewfriend
11. Our Moms
12. What do Princesses Do?
13. Let’s Imagine
14. Big Sister
15. Big-eared boy
16. Confused Animals
17. Auntie Maggie’s Nakedoodah Time
18. Can We Get Along?


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