Icy Cliffs with Penguin and Waddle of Penguin Chicks


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While their parents are out fishing, emperor penguin chicks spend an increasing amount of time with other chicks and adults.

Things are not that different in our own society, but talking to your child about what will happen can be difficult. The beauty of role play is that you can show a child what will happen in a safe place, you can help them regulate their own emotions so that when that big change will come they will have the tools they need to be able to handle it.

Change is often difficult, but change doesn’t have to be something you have to overcome alone.

Waddle of Penguin Chicks, Penguin and Icy Cliffs SET consists of:
1 x Icy Cliff (Height x Length x Thickness): 24cm x 20cm x 6cm
1 x Emperor Penguin Male (Height x Length x Thickness): 7,8cm x 5,4cm x 3cm
4 x Penguin Chicks  (Height x Length x Thickness): 4,5cm x 3,3cm x 2,5cm


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