Cozy Cottage Bingo


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Cozy Cottage Bingo is a heartwarming, engaging new approach to the classic and wholesome game. Each bingo board is a different animal’s house with 8 empty rooms. Each player draws a chip from the cloth drawstring bag. The chips show the same rooms but with busy animal characters included. If the player has the house card that connects to the chip, they start to fill their house with a warm and friendly family. The first person to fill their entire house with bustling activity wins. With the simple game play, you will find an opportunity to talk about the activities the animals are doing, such as bathing, eating, and playing, and to make up stories. A perfect early literacy storytelling activity.

Skills: Sharpens recognition and concentration skills.
Age: 3+
Players: 2-6
Includes: 6 Boards, 48 tiles, and a cotton bag for storage
Illustrator: Uta Krogmann


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