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Parasaurolophus (meaning “crested lizard”) is a late Cretaceous ornithopod dinosaur that lived in what is now North America, about 76-73 million years ago. He was a herbivore, moving both as a biped and as a quadruped.

Parasaurolophus is a hadrosaurid, a family of Cretaceous dinosaurs known for its bizarre head ornaments. It had a large and elaborate ridge. The ridge has long been discussed by specialists, eventually reaching a consensus. Thanks to her, these dinosaurs could recognize their species and differentiate their sexes, but also produce some sounds, with the help of which they communicated. Also, the ridge had an essential role in thermoregulation. Parasaurolophus is one of the rarest dinosaurs with “duckbill”.

This Bumbu figurine is made of Romanian wood, with pure craftsmanship, in Romania. Each product represents a unique piece, designed with love and care. It is polished, painted and oiled with water-based paints and organic oils. 100% NON-TOXIC

Size: 13.5cm x 7cm x 3cm

It can be painted or left natural.


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