Find Me! Adventures Underground


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adventures underground, agnese baruzzi, animal illustrations

Help Bernard the Wolf Play Hide-and-Seek with Friends

anna the black mole, ants, bats

bernard the wolf, castle, children's activity book

children's animals book, children's puzzles, colorful illustrations

Meet Bernard the wolf! He has to wear big, thick glasses to see.

This is Anna the black mole, Bernard’s new friend.

Anna and Bernard explore lots of different places underground!

critical thinking skills, dungeon, find hidden objects books for kids

Dig deep underground with Bernard the Wolf and his new friend, Anna the Mole! Packed full with puzzling activities, test your skills and sharpen your vision with the clever quizzes, fun observation games, and amazing scenes that all take place underneath your feet.

“Find Me! Seek-and-find books are a brilliant way to encourage critical thinking skills for your little one.” —First Time Parent Magazine

find me, forest, fossils

genie bottle, genies, hidden objects books for kids

hidden objects, hide and seek, hide-and-seek

I spy hidden objects, just like my mommy, kid activity book

Seek and Find

Help Bernard sharpen his vision by searching for his friend playing hide-and-seek underground! Search for more than 100 hidden objects in each fantastically fun puzzle page!

Observation Skills

Hidden object activities help children develop their observation skills by using context clues and drawing conclusions based on what they see.

Colorful Illustrations

Charming and colorful illustrations of adorable animals and underground environments will delight and engage children.

Additional Activities

Also included are fun extra activities for every visual puzzle to help kids exercise their minds with puzzles like, “Nine travelers left their luggage in the subway. Find the suitcases!”


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