Hello, and welcome to Flying Pig Toys! My name is Marci and I am so excited to help bring some joy, adventure, and imagination into your homes. I had the idea to open a toy store while in quarantine with an infant, and the plan has evolved numerous times during this journey. 

Growing up, I attended global peace education camps through Children’s International Summer Villages (CISV), and my goal is to have a brand represented from each nation I traveled to for these camps. While at the University of Virginia, I studied abroad in Valencia, Spain, and I am thrilled to have Spanish representation as well! I also want to support companies closer to home and offer a variety of play experiences to you all.

My main goal is to offer non-toxic, high-quality toys that will last through the years, but that won’t have a lasting impact on the environment. My passion for wooden toys began when my oldest was born in 2007. Fast-forward to the birth of my third (and last) child in 2020, with the realization that quality wooden toys are not that easy to come by in Cincinnati, Flying Pig Toys took flight!

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